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Recently there has been a noticeable increase in the number of investors appealing to the arbitration courts to protect their interests. The reasons for this tendency are twofold:

First, this is connected to the unwillingness of most well-established companies to turn to the services of organastions operating outside the law. This is in part because the methods used by such organisations can be fraught with unpleasant consequences for all sides in such a dispute.

Second, the results of judicial reforms are becoming apparent, as a consequence of which the operation of the arbitration courts is becoming increasingly effective, and deliberation in arbitration cases is taking less and less time.

As a result, the defense of economic interests in the arbitration courts by obtaining the desired judgement of the court, which can have its own significant material value, is becoming an essential part of the activities of large and medium-sized businesses in Russia.

Arbitration courts can be appealed to in the following circumstances:

  • Claims in economic disputes or other affairs concerning commercial legislation
  • Claims in affairs concerning administrative or other public legislation, concerning insolvency (bankruptcy), concerning specific judgements where appeals against the courts judgements are under investigation.
  • Complaints – when cases are referred to the arbitration courts from courts of appeal or courts of cassation.
  • Representations in cases brought by the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation and his deputies.

Chernovol Law Office pays considerable attention to the representation of our clients’ interests in arbitration courts at all different levels, including in the pursuit of debt obligations, in corporate disputes, in disputes connected to the destruction or damage of goods in transit, and also in disputes concerning the essential protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights.

Appeals against decisions in tax and customs disputes are reserved a particular category of court case. These cases require particular attention to separate branches of the law (tax and customs legislation) and are characterised by an abundance of legal and official documentation. Therefore it is essential to the effective defence of a clients interests to have the services of barristers specialising exclusively in these types of arbitration case.

Our understanding of the needs of corporate clients has prompted Chernovol Law Office to develop a system of flexible financial conditions as a result of which, when conducting arbitration disputes, our Law Office fees are calculated according to how successfully the case is concluded. This has proved a significant incentive for managers and owners to defend their financial interests in court.