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The legal system developing in Russia concerning copyright and other intellectual property rights has given the majority of businesses a clear understanding of the value of certain types of intellectual property. As a result, statistics show that the number of claims in arbitration courts and the number of criminal cases instituted in this sphere have increased a hundredfold in the last 15 years. Certain types of intellectual property have gained in people’s perception the same value and the same need for protection as property, luxury cars or goods in circulation.

Our experience of working in this sphere allows us to confirm to rights holders who discover cases of infringement the legal possibility and the financial sense of actively defending their rights and seeking financial compensation from the infringers. Of course, the process of defending one’s rights is never straightforward, and requires patience from rights holders as well as competence and skill in this area from the lawyer representing them. However, if the correct legal bases exist, hard work and patience will, in the majority of cases, lead to appropriate recompenses.

There are various means of protecting against rights infringement: the institution of criminal cases; the bringing of civil cases with claims for material compensation or prohibition of production, distribution or any other business by the infringer; the institution of administrative cases which can lead, for example, to the confiscation and destruction of counterfeit goods. The best course of action will be recommended by Chernovol Law Office according to each situation and the goals of our clients.