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Chernovol Law Office’s experience in corporate legal services has brought to our attention a change in the provision of such services in Russia. A few years ago, the question of the provision of legal consulting to foreign companies was always decided before the registration of businesses and, consequently, before any disputes had arisen. Meanwhile, the majority of Russian companies have already experienced the painful resolution of disputes, often leading to serious financial losses. Nowadays, almost all large or medium-sized Russian companies are making efforts to protect their interests with all available legal measures, to the greatest extent possible minimising their risks. As a result, most managers have come to discover that the presence of only one lawyer, even the most highly-paid, is not the answer to all a company’s problems. This is because there is no such thing as a “universal” lawyer: all competent lawyers are obliged to specialise in one or other branch of the law.

At present, the constantly changing laws impose severe fines and penalties for infringement of the effective legislation (governing taxation, customs, currency, securities, etc.) as a result of which even the most insignificant mistake in business planning can at times be extremely costly. For this reason, Chernovol Law Office will always remind clients that consequences of a mistake once committed are always considerably higher than the cost of consulting with a qualified specialist before taking the decision to complete a transaction or confirming a business development plan.

The presence in Chernovol Law Office of lawyers specialising in a number of different branches of the law, and our research into the current system of relations to companies applying for legal advice, has prompted us to offer the following legal services:

  • The establishment of effective subsidiary structures and of legal and financial interrelations with satellite companies.
  • The reinforcement in registrational documents of the optimum management structure, taking into consideration the expedient limitation of the independent authority of top managers
  • The introduction of packages of internal measures connected with the capitalisation of assets
  • The prevention of hostile takeovers
  • If necessary, the establishment of management companies in holdings and financial-industrial groups
  • The expert assessment of previously agreed contracts and of the organisation of current contract drafting (with regard to internal documentation and relations with contractors)
  • Legal support for all our clients’ affairs
  • Consulting on all questions concerning a company’s on-going business, relevant legislation and law-abiding practice.
  • Claims and legal demands
  • Protection of interests in arbitration courts.

Moreover, Chernovol Law Office endorses the opinion that a well prepared contract is a prerequisite for doing business successfully and an indisputable foundation for the defence of one’s financial interests should any disagreement arise with contractors. In our opinion, competence is not only necessary in court disputes concerning contractual obligations, but even more so in preparing the conditions of the contract itself. A perfectly worded contract prevents a contractor from even entertaining the thought of not fulfilling their obligations.

In the experience of our Law Office, presenting one’s business partners (customers or clients) with a model agreement with rigid conditions shows an unwillingness to make concessions which may be due to a desire to avoid incurring any extra risk, but unavoidably has a strong negative effect on the business relationship of the parties.

The quality of on-going contract drafting in support of negotiations is something like a company’s calling card, in that a company’s attention to the needs and demands of its partners (customers or clients) when preparing a deal can have an extremely positive effect on that company’s image. This approach is particularly worthwhile when preparing contracts of significant financial value in that it demonstrates not only your willingness to make concessions, but also your ability to protect your own interests, which is in itself the proof of a serious and professional approach to company management.

The experience of our Law Office with International Business Activity permits us to give the necessary level of competent attention both to the problems which our clients encounter directly in Russia and to those concerning the import or export of goods across Russian borders, including problems with tax legislation.

Normally, on-going contract drafting is included as part of our permanent legal support service, which offers significant reductions on legal fees (up to 50% off hourly fees).

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