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Chernovol Law Office has long given serious attention to the legal support of companies involved in International Business Activity (IBA). The business of IBA participants is essentially different from that of other commercial organisations in that, depending on the type of IBA, Russian legislation imposes specific demands on such organisations. For example, IBA participants are obliged in various circumstances to obtain certificates for imported goods and to observe the limits set by quota on the import of different categories of goods, etc.

At present, the constantly changing laws impose severe fines and penalties for infringement of the effective legislation (governing taxation, customs, currency, securities, etc.) as a result of which even the most insignificant mistake in business planning can at times be extremely costly. For this reason, Chernovol Law Office will always remind clients that consequences of a mistake once committed are always considerably higher than the cost of consulting with a qualified specialist before taking the decision to complete a transaction.

We have gained considerable experience in this field, acting as consultants to companies providing foreign trade services (coaling and towage of vessels, freight handling, freight forwarding, road and rail freightage).

The legal services required by export and import companies has also resulted in the creation of a separate division of Chernovol Law Office – customs consulting. This has been dictated first and foremost by the fact that any imported or exported goods must be processed through Russian customs, and consequently it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of customs registration procedures. The assigned status of foreign trade deliveries has considerable significance in that the chosen customs regime and declared customs value of goods directly effect the costs of customs clearance, which in turn can materially influence pricing.

A separate aspect of legal help in the application of customs legislation offered by our Law Office is the conducting of arbitration challenges connected with the correction of customs costs. As a rule, this type of challenge is conditioned by a customs authority’s refusal to accept a declared IBA goods list from an IBA participant, or their rejection of a declarant’s chosen method of assessing customs value (there are six possible methods).

Also extremely popular with IBA participants are consultations on the optimalisation of customs costs within the boundaries of the current customs legislation. In this capacity our close co-operation with companies recognised as customs brokers allows our Law Office to provide the necessary legal support to directly implement methods that minimise customs costs.

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